Accounting and Finance research blog

Accounting and Finance research blog

This blog is intended to help organizations increase the value of their accounting and finance through innovation, research, and best practices.  I will focus on providing unique content that can help organizations make small but impactful changes to increase the efficiency, security, and effectiveness of their companies accounting procedures.  Many organizations are great at providing a service, product, or area of expertise but often don’t understand how to increase the value of their accounting department to aid them with reducing risk through internal controls, having readily accessible financials to bring in capital through outside sources, audit readiness, and internal communication.


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The purpose of this blog is to share industry knowledge, expertise in accounting and finance, and current research to give organizations a foundation for practices that can help them find greater success.  Whether you are a sole proprietor or company with multiple accounting reps, I will cover topics that can enhance the accounting procedures and practices of your business.  My intent is to help you add value to your business, and to yourself as an owner, or supervisor with an understanding of complex ideas surrounding challenges within an entities accounting environment and how to decipher what the correct procedure or practice is to handle these challenges.

Some of the specific topics you can expect this blog to contain in the coming weeks and months are how to communicate with internal customers of the accounting department, methods in data analysis regarding fraud, how to have strong internal controls regardless of the size of your organization, adopting change before anyone else, and many others.  Hopefully owners, managers, other accounting professionals can utilize the information given here to help create a better accounting system within their own entity.  I invite feedback and comments and hope to connect with others, and welcome topic suggestions for those who are facing challenges in their accounting environment.  Please follow and share this blog with others who might find it useful in adding value to their organization.

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