Adopting Change in the Accounting Department

Adopting Change in the Accounting Department

Change can happen rapidly in a business, especially if your company emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness.  Business means constant change and adaptation, unfortunately accounting departments can be the dinosaur of change.  Some of this is for good reason, you do not want to be constantly revising internal controls or accounting policies, but there are some ways in which the accounting department can adapt along with the rest of the company.

Understanding the needs of the company, and how the changes it has adopted affect the accounting department.  For example, a company could change it’s policy on how they pay for employee travel from reimbursement to prepayment.  This would mean that the accounting department, needing to verify the same exact information in order to pay, may have to change how quickly they process these claims.  Or they may have to change who approves the charges.

In some cases it can be changing how you report to different departments that may have quickly changing needs regarding their ability to purchase materials, or understand what their variable costs are.  This could mean that the accounting department needs to change how, or how quickly they report pertinent information to those departments, or ownership.

Change is obviously extremely important, but it may actually be more important for the accounting department, who is responsible for reporting and working with all of the departments to accomplish a goal.  Always keep in mind that communication if your most powerful tool in creating a system that adapts, it is easy with great communication to understand the needs of your customers, as a member of the accounting department they are your main customer.

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