Stop Calling It Tax ‘Revenue’

Stop Calling It Tax ‘Revenue’

Almost nothing annoys me more than listening to politicians call the inflow of money gained from the involuntary collection of other peoples money – revenue.  Revenue has it’s own definition and by that definition taxes do not qualify, albeit somewhat necessary, taxes are also obligatory and very rarely agreed upon.

If you own a business a revenue is, in its simplest terms, the expected collection of money upon the successful completion of a transaction based on the sale of a good or service.  This means there are two parties involved, both of them willing to consummate the transaction in good faith not under duress.  The nature of taxes does not quite meet this definition, though, because a tax is not a compensatory action, and is not willful exchange.  Instead a tax is a imposition by the government for sometime to contribute funds, willingly or not, to a fund that supports governmental spending.

I am aware the government can do some great things, I currently work for a state governmental agency that I believe serves its constituents extremely well, is not a burden to the tax payers, and is fiscally conscious as to not overspend or spend out of scope.  The problem is that a lot of taxes are arbitrarily imposed and often not well thought out.  In short, they are not at all a willful transaction between two parties, instead they are a forced burden upon people who may or may not benefit from their collection.  In my personal opinion we should focus on reducing what we tax, how much is taxed and what those taxes are spent on, instead of constantly asking for more to be taxed, because you can only bleed a pig so much before it dies.

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